presents the exhibition

70 years National Gallery. European Dialogues

26 April – 27 May 2018

The Palace, Knyaz Alexander I Square


The exhibition marks the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the National Gallery. During that period, it established itself as a leading cultural institute through carrying out a rich and diverse range of activities, and as a centre for the collection, research and presentation of fine arts. The gallery underwent various internal transformations: the separation of its branches into independent establishments, such as the National Gallery for Foreign Art and the Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts, and their subsequent reunification within the general structure of the National Gallery. Despite these changes, however, the desire to expand contacts with European cultural institutions remains constant and is realised through various forms and at different scales, from an overall and independent presentation of collections owned by the gallery to the inclusion of works from its collections in joint national and international exhibitions outside the country. The exhibition illustrates the ‘geography’ and the intensity of the gallery’s participation in the broad spectrum of European cultural relations over the past 70 years. From over 200 presentations outside the country of collections and works owned by the gallery, we selected 76 artefacts from 40 exhibitions that exemplify our contacts with different European cultural institutions.

Location: The Palace - Knyaz Alexander I Square