70 years of Scenography Department

11 – 27 October 2017


This year, the Scenography Department of the National Academy of Art celebrates its 70th anniversary. On this occasion, an exhibition of the lecturers and students from the department will be opened in Academia Gallery on 11 October 2017. In the exposition, an honorary place will be dedicated to the founder of the specialty Prof. Ivan Penkov and the lecturers who have contributed to the development of the department over the years. The exposition will also include works by established stage designers – graduates from the department in the past two decades.
As part of the celebration programme, on 16 October 2017, Academia Gallery will be the venue of a scientific conference titled “Current Trends in Contemporary Scenography. Reflections in Stage Design Education”, which will explore the new aesthetic and technological developments in the art and practice of the stage and screen artist and the challenges they both pose to education.
Also, on 18 October 2017, the book “History of Stage Design” by Prof. Vasil Rokomanov will be presented in Academia Gallery.
70 години специалност Сценография



Location: ACADEMIA GALLERY - 1, Shipka street, Sofia