NUANCE Gallery


Marcia Kostov

“After Father”

exhibition, painting

23- 28 October 2018

Opening: 23 October, 18:30 h  – 42, Ivan Denkoglu Str, Sofia






When I came in he was there and he stayed with me till his last hour. His love was quite, calm and secure, and even when he scolded me – and there was often why – I listened to his words and did not resent it, for my trust in him had no bounds.

My father lived until old age; his life was not easy, but I trust, I hope, he was happy after all. When he was gone, however, black rain  fell over me. Father was a native from the Red Hills people, and when his spirit went there, the red hills cried .

Then it seemed the whole earth went on fire, or maybe it was only then I realized how fierce Summer had become: singed forest , scorching wind , drought ; and even the July heat  I once loved has brought nothing but ashes .

I feared darkness was coming  and it would leave behind only primordial ghosts , and the desolate hulks of what we used to call World.

I did not want it; I wanted to brake away toward the sun , roots and all. Even in my doubts  I wanted to see an omen  that not everything would end with the pale horse  coming; that it would bring not only death because there is love and repentance , and with them even the ghosts of days past would come back more kind and contrite .

Will the pain go away? I doubt it. But I trust dawn  will come again, light breeze will scatter the smoke after the fire , and purple waves  will wash away the cinders. Life will continue and bridesmaids  will lead the bride то a fire wedding . The walls of the old city will rise in May , and up in the red hills the forest will merge with the lake, forest maids  will dance till dusk  and the Winter that father did not see will be bright .


Marcia Kostov | BIOGRAPHY

Born in a family of artisans, her parents, Francisco Solano Costa and Zilda Juliana Costa created for her an environment full of arts and craft. Daughter of artisans, her parents Francisco Solano Costa and Zilda Maria Juliana Costa constantly provided her with an environment full of arts and crafts.

During the seventies, Marcia graduated in Fine Arts from the Guignard School of Fine Arts at the State University of Minas Gerais. She studied under the renown Brazilian artists Iara Tupinamba and Aurora Bissot, among others. At the time, she took part in student’s exhibitions, but later circumstances forced her to move to New York, where her two children, Marlos Costa Santos and Julie Zilda Costa Santos were born. In New York, Marcia worked as a bartender for 20 years until she married a Bulgarian in 1996 and started alternating their residence between New York and Sofia.

For years, Marcia was part of the cultural life of Brazilian immigrants in New York organizing events and supporting their achievements. For almost 10 years she was Coordinator for the Miss Brazil – USA Contest and was a member of the jury for its finale in 2006 in Miami. She organized several traditional fests such as Carnival and Hallowing and contributed for years to the organization of Brazil’s Festival in New York. She also participated in the group of organizers of cultural events in Flushing Meadows Park. Frequent visits to Bulgaria led to the development of cultural and social ties with Bulgaria and the Brazilian community in Sofia. The death of her father in June 2017 marked a new stage in her existential development and urged her to resume her painting. Thus, she weaves again the tissue of new spiritual and artistic bonds working in her studio at Rakovski Street in Sofia.
The  canvases, which form this exhibition, are therefore a debut, but also a rebirth and growth, as well as a life story in which Marcia pours her soul into paintings and turns her feelings into poetry, art and tribute.

Location: NUANCE Gallery - 42, Ivan Denkoglu Str, Sofia