“Visions of the Free Spirit”

10 – 25 November 2016

Georges Papazoff (1894-1972) and Nicolay Diulgheroff (1901-1982) are the only Bulgarians, who worked in the epicenter of the development of Modern art in Europe in the first decades of XX century. Papazoff as a representative of Surrealism and Diulgheroff – as part of Futurism in Turin, Italy.

Both the artists kept their independence, free spirit and dedication for modern art and earned recognition as two of the most prominent members of their respective movements.

The present exhibition gathers the two artists and shows works connected with the theme of the Universe.

Georges Papazov’s approach to the topic was through exploration of the empty spaces, meditation and spiritual travel. He creates abstract geometrical compositions lit by neon hue that mystify.

Nikolay Diulgheroff’s interests toward the cosmic space was connected with the futuristic visions of the space-time continuum.

He builds dynamical structures out of spheres reminiscent of galaxies, color plains that lead to luminous infinity.The exhibition presents eight original works of each artist gathered from private collections.


Location: RAKURSI Gallery - 4A Han Krum Street, Sofia