GESHOV Gallery

4, Serdika street, Sofia


Veselka Nikolova

“Guiding point”

solo exhibition

12 October – 10 November 2018


The Exhibition “GUIDING POINT” by Veselka Nikolova presents another kind of material from collages and sculptures including found objects and industrial materials. The Artistic quests of the artist are concentrated around the Man, his everyday life and his dreams. Compositions include many surfaces with different perspectives. Different, delicate, characteristic plasticity makes recognizable works. From the first contact with the Works in exhibition we ask what kind of atmosphere is offered to us? Collages have their own language to tell about themselves, identifying different levels of contact and guiding us to understand the Essence of their messages. They can be self – contained, contemplative stories and nuances of the Metaphysical integrity of the World.

Veselka Nikolova graduates Advertising Design in National Art Academy, Sofia. Specializes Abstract Dynamic Composition” and “Human Figure Drawing and Painting” at the Barcelona Academy of Art, Spain. In her projects she experimented with design, photography, performance, installation, including three-dimensional paper sculptures with industrial details such as bolts, nuts, sandpaper, wire and all kinds of objects found accidentally on the street.


Veselka-Nikolova-Guiding point




Location: GESHOV Gallery - 4, Serdika street, Sofia