Penka Mincheva and Matthias Roth

14 – 31 January 2019

Opening on 14 of January at 18:30 – 12B Vrabtcha street, Sofia


The concept of island is creating variable images of that piece of land, from lonely unnamed Islands to luxury touristic islands, artificial shiny industries, beautiful archipelagos, prisons and patches of Natural delight and liberty. In any case we are consumers of affluence and Natural goods. Nowadays the ability of traveling, discovering and experiencing a place makes us present on any piece of land. An island can be where we find peace, pleasure, inspiration, and self-concentration. The presence of human beings unquestionably brings its results of development and decadence. Often what we leave behind is a remains of industrial products in Nature, a trace of development in stagnation. Our needs overbear our conscience. The ambition of humans from prehistoric times till today is to get closer to God and to get in touch as close as possible to the Paradise as they understand it. Therefore humans started creating temples, gardens, palaces and any type of architecture, representing the ideal of Paradise of the present times. In this project Matthias Roth is treating the subject with the methods of replacement and rebuilding. He is developing imaginary dreamed islands with a feeling of the fresh Breeze suggested by the beautiful blue Ocean. In his photographical collages, Matthias is playing with reality and the artificiality. While Penka Mincheva is creating islands of the remains after human’s consumption and released industrial leftovers in the environment. Her glass islands are shiny and fragile, as delicate is the subject of Nature protection. The sculpture compositions are resembling Industrial flakes of petrol and the left behind garbage from people. The project is examining the global and the personal attitude towards Nature.


Location: AROSITA Gallery - 12B Vrabtcha street, Sofia