8 – 25 November 2016

 Opening on Tuesday, 8 November, at 18:00

Meeting with the artist on the same date at 17:00

Kvadrat 500, Hall 19

The first meeting of the Bulgarian audience with such a renowned and symbolic contemporary visual artist as István Orosz—Homo Ludens in the world of graphic art—comes, albeit belatedly, at the most appropriate time. He is coming to Sofia to participate in the nomination of awards for the Eighth International Triennial of Stage Poster, on display in the Exhibition Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, on 6, Shipka Str., from 6 to 30 November.

Ten of his most popular posters are included in the collection of the International Jury, while the theme of this Triennial—Riddles, Mysteries, Fantasies—succinctly summarises his versatile, magnetic and enigmatic art presented as a solo graphic exhibition.

István Orosz (born on 24 October 1951 in Kecskemét) is a world-famous Hungarian poster and graphic artist, graphic designer, illustrator and animated film director. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Art and Design in 1975, under István Balogh and Ernő Rubik. He began his career as a stage designer and animator. From 1984, he has used OYTIΣ, or Utisz, as his artistic pseudonym (pronounced ‘outis’, meaning ‘no one’; the secret name of Odysseus in the famous myth of the Cyclops). In the meantime, he has established himself among the influential names in the world of poster art.

The art of István Orosz possesses the dignity to overcome borders and to ‘travel’ in time and space: Chicago, Thessaloniki, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Silkeborg, Istanbul, Torun, The Hague, the Escher Museum, Bratislava, Essen, Jorwert, Melbourne, Argentina, Mar del Plata, Budapest, Kecskemét, Győr, Brescia, Ankara, and Sofia, are only some points of this round-the-world geography. Utisz/Orosz has participated regularly in international exhibitions, biennials, symposia, and film festivals, while his solo exhibitions and participations in group projects are innumerable. He has won many awards for poster art and graphic design, animation, and book art. He is also a professor at the University of West Hungary, co-founder of the Hungarian Poster Designer Society, member of Alliance Graphique Internationale and the Hungarian Art Academies.

His works, saturated with paradoxical twists, provocative solutions, geometric transformations, optical illusions, impossible objects and anamorphoses, occupy a privileged place in some of the major museums and galleries.

Orosz is tempted by classical graphic techniques, applying them with mastery, while the principle of play is determinative of his oeuvre, so rich in polysemous references to various cultural fields, layers and symbols.

He contemporises the technique of anamorphosis, frequently used during the Renaissance, developing it so as to give a meaning to the distorted image also, independent of the reflection in the mirror or the viewpoint (in Greek, ‘anamorphosis’ means ‘re-transformation’ and is a play with perspective in the design of a distorted image that appears normal only when viewed from the correct angle or with the aid of curved mirrors). In this way his works become bearers of more sophisticated messages and are a provocation to the viewer’s intellect and sense of humour.

Location: Kvadrat 500, Hall 19 - St. Alexander Nevski Sq.