THE MISSION Gallery – 2 Alfred Nobel Street, Sofia

Leda STARCHEVA- drawings and sculptures

19 March – 03 April 2015

For Leda Starcheva the three-dimensional sculpture and the two-dimensional drawing are two, in a specific way, opposed but, also, related fields in which she feels equally inspired and confident. Her art radiates gracefulness, intimity and delicacy in combination with the energy of the form, the structure and the expression.

The craving for the unimpaired whole led me to this series of drawings – the artist reveals on occasion of her show. What brings together the presented drawings is the similarity in shape and the absence of life of the chosen objects. The species Palomena prasina is an insect. Light green at springtime its colour obtains bronze hues in the autumn. Its body reminds of a miniature sculpture; indiscrete and jewellike with its perfect geometry preserved in a sarcophagus of chitin beauty. The never unfolding buds of the flower Lilium, when cut and placed in water in a vase, leave a feeling of disappointment caused by the life that failed to come. The elongated shape of the folded buds stands frozen at a certain point . Their colour little by little changes from pale green and light pink to gold bronze. In this state the flower enters the space and starts its journey.

The exhibition, also, includes several small bronze sculptures united by the theme “Elegy”.


изложба на Леда Старчева

Leda Starcheva- general view of the exhibition

Location: THE MISSION Gallery - 2 Alfred Nobel Street, Sofia