Tsvetislava Koleva and Jacklina Simova

Light and Letters

exhibition, calligraphy

26 July – 01 September 2018


The present exhibition presents two authors graduated from the MA in “Calligraphy” at the Department “Poster and Visual Communication”, National Academy of Arts – Tsvetislava Koleva and Zhaklina Simova.

Calligraphy is, inherently, an exclusively elitist art that has long since surpassed the boundaries of beautiful writing and has entered the territory of truly conscious and experienced creative pursuits. The result is sophisticated and deeply impressive graphic artwork made through the art of letters.

The two collections presented in the exhibition are to some extent united by the principle laid down in them, namely the leading role of light, which in this case is not only a means of perception of individual works but also a full participant in each of them. Light is a plastic means that allows the viewer to immerse himself in the idea of ​​the author and fully enjoy the aesthetic message he has set.

The exhibition also implies interactive visual materials illustrating the processes of creating the main works and their possible transformations, thus allowing a deeper understanding of creative messages.

Meanwhile, a collection of author’s bindings (a work by K. Borisova and T. Gulov) will be located as a support and final addition of the general vision of the exhibition.

There is also a possible sale of author’s prints from the two collections participating in the exhibition.



Location: ONE MONEV Gallery - 14, Ivan Vazov street, Sofia