Gallery 2.0



Low Opacity

solo show

19 April – 04 May 2018

Opening: 19 April, 19h – 26, 6th September street, Sofia


Low Opacity is a solo show by the contemporary graffiti artist Rustwo. For a period of two weeks Gallery 2.0 will be completely transformed.

The theme that provokes this project is the presence of the street art in a gallery space, where its context will transform even the artist`s tools of expression into art works by themselves.

With his exhibition, Rustwo will bring the freedom and energy of the graffiti into the place. In a very fine manner, he will unfold the relationship between his digital artwork and graffiti style. A slight hint of which could be noticed in the title of the show itself.

The artist will play a lot with layers and color effects in low opacity as additionally some of the works will come alive in a different reality.


Location: Gallery 2.0 - 26, 6th September street, Sofia