INTRO Gallery


Rada Kratchanova


exhibition, painting

8 – 18 February 2018

Opening: 8 Feb 18:30 – 28, Tsar Samuil street, Sofia


Rada Kratchanova is a Bulgarian artist, based in Milan, Italy. Her works are closely connected to her travel experience and are especially inspired by the urban landscapes of the big city. Her paintings are mainly figurative but with abstract elements, and written text.

Her main concept is to show the lonely metropolitan person, surrounded by other people. Her works often include portraits or details of the human body with an urban background and maps of the underground metro stops. The artist believes the underground public transport is the main hiding space for the contemporary person, searching for seclusion from his fast and busy schedule.

She will also present another project which explores the relationship between people and their favourite objects. In that project the subject/object dichotomy is diluted. Not fully associated with its owner, the object plays an important role in shaping the identity of its owner. This importance is demonstrated by the artist’s decision to give the same space to the object, as well as to present its story written in text, giving it a separate identity. Finally, the blurring of the boundary between subject / object is completed by mixing the stories of the object and its owner, making them one integral whole.


Location: INTRO Gallery - 28, Tsar Samuil street, Sofia