“The Home of Man”

photo exhibition

Nikolay Treyman & Tsocho Boyadzhiev

19 May – 12 June 2016

Opening: 19 May, 18:30,  Credo Bonum gallery – 2 Svavyanska street, Sofia


The Home of Man” will showcase a series of black-and-white photographs in which the two artists have used images to conduct an artistic dialogue.

This is their second joint project after the publication of an album, “The Way of Man”. The creative symbiosis between Mr Treyman and Mr Boyadzhiev blends a photographer’s philosophical way of looking and a philosopher’s photographic hunch — each is at once teacher and pupil of the other. These are two persons who, by taking a look through the camera lens, show man’s world in black and white.

Nikolay Treyman comes from a family of photographers. His work has been put on view in, among other shows, the exhibitions “The Swamp”, “Orthodox Bulgaria”, “12 Images of Philosophers and 12 Philosophers Reflect on Image”, “Frost”, “Motion”, “A Thorn-Prick”, “The Zone”. Mr Treyman teaches philosophy of photography in Sofia University, and also runs photography courses.

Tsocho Boyadzhiev ranks among the leading Bulgarian humanitarians and is the founder of the study of medieval philosophy in Bulgaria. He teaches ancient and medieval history in Sofia University. He is member of the International Society for Medieval Studies (Leuven) and the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (Vienna). He is the author of science papers, monographies and study guides, and has compiled a series of anthologies of ancient texts. Mr Boyadzhiev is among the founders of the Institute for Study of the Mediaeval Philosophy. He translates from Latin, Ancient Greek and German.

On 19 May the two artists will present the new edition of the album “The Home of Man”.

As part of the exhibition, on 6 June Mr Treyman and Mr Boyadzhiev will deliver a public lecture titled: “The Object and the Photographic Surrealism”.

The event will be part of the Month of Photography 2016.


Location: Credo Bonum gallery - 2 Svavyanska street, Sofia