Teddy Liho & Dorothea Rosenstock

joint exhibition

17 – 31 October 2019

Opening: October 17, 19-21h –  12B, Vrabcha St., Sofia

No Filter
No Pains, No Tears
No Saints, No Fears
The Last supper these days…


12+ IKEA tables 55x55x45 each, Cyanotype on cotton canvas
The project aims at provoking and highlighting one dialogue about the social devalvation of fundamental human values in the past years.
Taking as a basis the Biblical story about Jesus Christ and the prophecy of betrayal, the art objects interpret and illustrate the global tendencies and try to provoke questions outside the religious context.
They are up to date with the modern times in which prophets of the new technologies put dynamics as a priority over authenticity and deep thought and consumer attitude dominates over ideals and causes…
The cyanotype mono print is especially chosen as technique where „shadows represent light‟ and the contact copy captures the moment of reality with an irrational mixture of positive and negative.
That combination of techniques with the mass product design underlines the amalgams of social and moral contradictions….



Location: AROSITA Gallery - 12B, Vrabcha St., Sofia