“Old Sails”

solo exhibition

7 – 20 November 2017


The passion for the Sea makes us to do the impossible possible, it transforms us as it does with everything in and around it. Swallows us, embraces, touches, dissolves, learns, changes, and more … and more – forever and endlessly, before and after us

The misleading title “Old Sails” is connected to the ephemeral moments, sealed on truly worn out sailboats, containing the memories of the trips along the Sea, the glare of the sun, the breath of the wind, the hits of the waves on the hull, the conversations of the crews, the timeless windlessness and all those moments that make you feel alive, free, happy.

They are also the desire to get deeper and deeper (whether with digital trips of the ocean floor or with plans for long trips), the rare chance of being part of a sailing crew and looking through the eyes of an artist, to create images of the merciless objectivity of the experience, extremely different from the subjective world of art.”

Simeon Stoilov


Location: RAKURSI GALLERY - 4A Han Krum Street, Sofia