Project: Sofia – Lodz – Bratislava

International Exhibition of jewelery and objects

26 November – 7 December 2018

Opening – 26 November (Monday), 18:00 – Academia Gallery, 1, Shipka Str.


One word… with many meanings:
Origin in its very first Biblical meaning is genesis. In anthropology, it is the common Slavic root, and in genetics, it is our biological heritage.

One word… with many questions:
Is there a coherence in the origin? Are there links beyond history, beyond today’s geography, beyond physics or metaphysics? Can origin be an object and a subject of jewelry? Can modern jewelry forms connect us to our roots, traditions, heritage… Is this a coherence hidden somewhere among the old technologies and the latest techniques and materials? The answers are in us.

One word… with many faces:
Modern jewelry is a plastic link between author’s energy, thoughts and feelings, and body shapes, shapes through the body… faces of the contemporary interpretation.


bizuta i obekti-galeria Academia

Location: ACADEMIA Gallery - 1, Shipka Str. Sofia