03 October – 03 November 2017


San Stefano Gallery is pleased to invite you to the official opening of the exhibition “The Painting Art of Peter Mitchev” – a collection of exquisite oil-on-canvas/wood paintings by the self-taught master who has made a name for himself achieving success and public acclaim worldwide.

Through the ages, portrayals of women have been a major subject in the world of visual arts. Over the course of several decades, the prominent Bulgarian-born artist Peter Mitchev has dedicated his artwork to women in their many guises: as a girl, a mother, a goddess, all delicately veiled in mystery and secrecy.

Mitchev has gained major exposure and acclaim in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark and the USA. In 1994, the artist joined one of the biggest cultural projects of UNESCO together with Cesar and Carsu, and in 1997 the three of them had an exhibition at Hotel de la Monnaie, Paris. His paintings are at display in collections all over the world along with De Buffet, Picasso, Dali, Rene Magritte and Botero. Hundreds of his paintings are possessed by private art collectors and museums on five continents.

The exhibition will showcase more than 50 pieces of some of the best contemporary artworks imbued with the enigma, femininity and charm in praise of Her Majesty – the Woman.

The unique collection of artworks will be available to buy exclusively at San Stefano Gallery.

The exhibition will be open on Tuesday, October 03rd, 2017 and will continue through November 03rd, 2017.




Location: SAN STEFANO Gallery - 22 "San Stefano"str. , Sofia