NUANCE Gallery and RÉSUMÉ 13


Angelariy Dimitrov

“Places of scarcity, places of plenty …”

solo exhibition

18 – 29 June 2019

Opening: 18th of June 18.30pm – 42, Ivan Denkoglu Str, Sofia


The expression “places of plenty, places of scarcity” is derived from political philosophy, and refers to a fundamental division in the material world. Broken down to “having/not having”, it is a dualism akin to “day/night’, “light/darkness”, “man/woman”, “good/evil” and so on: they are pairs in which two opposing categories define each other. The contradiction in “places of plenty, places of scarcity” is that no matter how interrelated the two concepts are, the presence of each of them radically transforms the perspective of the other, and, in fact, towards the world.

The first solo exhibition of Angelariy Dimitrov (27) within the curator-artist platform RÉSUMÉ 13 takes into consideration his recent works, focusing on the very core of his artistic world. The two dominating themes in his paintings are overwhelming abundance and the emptiness of abandonment. The title of the show clearly refers to this, but during the selection process the main goal was to discover what the meaning behind all this was. What provokes the young art teacher at the Fine arts college in Sofia to depict, in scene after scene, barren apocalyptic vistas? Is there a political charge to his depictions of huge grocery stores, sales, and overconsumption? And if we consider the two ends of the spectrum, a question naturally arises – in these empty compositions, have the things been over consumed? Has anyone drunk the water from the empty pools?

The answer to this is much more private than the topic suggests. In fact Angelariy is trying to sort out the surrounding world: what to think of it and what to do with it. And this is rather a personal concern, than a public statement. The artist is not an activist, not even a vegetarian. His paintings are not political reactions, but an expression of his personal emotional concussion brought by the outside world. The state of rapid expansion  or the extremity of emptiness and abandonment, both are own emotional projections over objects and spaces. But isn’t our public condition a sum of individual emotionalities? There is no philosophical message in Angelariy’s contrasting worlds; instead the artist invites the audience to open up, by admitting his own nightmares.

Résumé 13 is an artist-curator platform initiated by Ralitsa Konstantinova, focusing on upcoming artists, already noticed, but remaining mystified in their statements, their voices still unheard. The process of artist-curator collaboration aims to uncover the hidden meanings, encoded symbolisms, and various influences within the artworks. The result is a more contextual presentation, which both empowers the artists’ self expression, while at the same time bringing viewers closer to the more intimate and holistic aspects of the creative process.


Location: NUANCE Gallery - 42, Ivan Denkoglu Str, Sofia