solo exhibition

22 February – 23 March 2018

Opening: 22 February, 19h – 14, Ivan Vazov Street (corner of “6th of September” Str.)


RASSIM makes organic matter paint! Whether it is the “gold of the body” (urine) or “the gold of the earth” (the oil), the matter obeys its brush and paint. These portraits are of common memory, filled with deep nostalgia.

However, in the paintings of the Sea Black Rassim cycle no longer needs a brush! As a postmodern scientist (or as a premodern magician!), Rassim stands on the empty beach of the sea, as if he is taking samples and making the sea to paint itself. To paint without a brush, to paint through the sacred salt of his life-giving waters.


Сол - Красимир Кръстев -RASSIM

Location: ONE MONEV Gallery - 14, Ivan Vazov Street (corner of "6th of September" Str.)