GESHOV Gallery


Nikolay Todorov

“Return of the Stone”

exhibition, painting

17 – 30 April 2019

Opening: 17 April 2019, 6:30 pm – 4, Serdika Street, Sofia


How do archetypes еxist in the mind of modern man and what are the possible representations of what has been repeated? At the same time, modern sensitivity puts human society in repetition and similarity, but not as a cyclic, but in the unsimilarity and tear with the centrality of the spiral, but not its expanding into a vector.

The works of Nikolay Todorov in the exhibition “Return of the Stone” are in the direction of some phenomena, which have their own specific status in his art. There is no recollection, there is life of archetype, transformation, and presence that make connections with past times, constructing the common human memory. This is an obsession for the eternity of the stone and the archetypes locked in time in it. This is Nikolay Todorov’s mind about the connection between our spiritual experience in its continuity and the eternity of the stone as the revelation of this relationship.


Nikolay Todorov - izlozhba v galeria Geshov

Location: GESHOV Gallery - 4, Serdika Street, Sofia