7 – 24 March 2018


Rakursi Art Gallery presents from the 7th to the 24th of March 2018 the paintings of Rosen Rashev – Roshpaka and porcelain objects of Silvia Chaneva. The gallery invited the two artists because of their deep connection to the nature and the warmth of the materials they use.

Roshpaka is known for his “sewn” pictures made of natural materials. His basic idea is to connect the signs and the symbols of modern times and antiquity in his works.

The artist lives in a small town in North-west Bulgaria. His connection to the land, the silence and the simple things gives him the joy of life that radiates from his works.

Silvia Chaneva presents objects and forms from ceramics and porcelain. Their design is inspired by the structures and forms that she observes in nature, where they have evolved for thousands of years. The artist recreates them in a very personal way, following their innermost feelings.


Location: RAKURSI Gallery - 4A Han Krum Street, Sofia