“Along the Road of Life”

solo exhibition

8  – 20 March 2016


Rakursi art gallery presents from 8 to 20 March 2016 the latest works of Rosen Rashev – Roshpaka.The artist is known for his naive “sewn” pictures made of natural materials. His works are inspired by nature and childhood in his native region, of Christian and pagan rituals. Author’s techniques comprises of backstitch, running stitch, applique.

They illustrate Roshpaka’s philosophy: “I want people to learn about my sunny soul . And I‘m trying to transfer this positivism of mine in my works.”

The artist lives in a small town in North-West Bulgaria. His connection to the land, the silence and the simple things gives him the joy of life, that radiates from his works.

The focus of the present exhibition is the idea that everyone has their own path that he walks according to his choices and with the help of his personal angel, conveyed in a minimalistic way, with bright colors.

Rashev Rosen was born in 1970 in Vratsa. In 1989 he graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Sofia. He has had 49 exhibitions in various spaces including Rakursi Art Gallery, Gallery “Ata- Ray” – Sofia, Sariev – Plovdiv, Paris, 1908, etc. in Sofia and Cologne,Bratislava, Belgrade, Iagodina; He has participated in numerous international workshops organized by the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art, city Jagodina, Serbia, Gallery of Naive Art , city Trebes , Slovenia, Canton Palin Jean Fiu, France. Since 1999 his works are in the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Naive and Marginal Art in the city of Jagodina , Serbia and at the Salon Museum in Belgrade . He has won awards from art museums and galleries.


Location: RAKURSI Galllery - 4A Han Krum Street, Sofia