Sophia Nova :: 2118-2084

solo exhibition

18 Sep – 14 Oct 2018


The artist Milko Pavlov presents the exhibition “SOPHIA NOVA 2118 – 2084” at the ONE MONEV Gallery. The project addresses the theme of faith and the values of time. He illustrates, through his expressive specific handwriting, the conflict between the spiritual and the material and the material in the intangible, and shows fragments of the time scattered by the vortices of eternity.

At the heart of the project, the phenomenon is the time as an object or a prime cause of a visual creative product. In a sense, the images that Milko Pavlov synthesizes are memories of the future and predictions of the past.

As an Artist with a specific and recognizable handwriting, Milko Pavlov uses the frotage technique in his paintings. A well-known audience dozen with his graphic compositions now shows a canvas on canvas. This is a new line in his work, which sounds just as categorical as the graphic images in his work.

The exhibition marks 20 years of work with graphite. His first exhibition is in the XXL Gallery in 1989, titled “The Edges of Paradise”.

The project itself is still ongoing. Whether Sofia will be new or the boundaries of paradise, the author still looks for the answers. He addresses the problems of social illusions and in this sense there is no policy.


Sophia Nova 2093

Location: ONE MONEV Gallery - Corner of 14 Ivan Vazov Str. & The 6th of September Str.