NUANCE Gallery



“No Reason to Leave from the Sun”

solo exhibition

05 – 23 March 2019

Opening: 5  March 2019, 7 pm – 42, Denkoglu Str., Sofia


Ever pondered what would be to go back in time and change the way things happen? Or how would editing the past affect the future? Could multiverse theory from a random science documentary supply a solution; or we should master space travel first?
In 14 new works the latest exhibition of Stanislav Belovski explores the ‘what if’ worlds of astronauts and angels, of fashion, Frida’s corsets, spacesuits, pilots, famous paintings, and a princess. “No reason to leave from the sun”, the exhibition’s title optimistically proclaims in tune with the seemingly nonchalant and straightforward visual language that has become a signature for Belovski’s work.
“I’ve been experimenting with the collage, the use of images as colors and brushstrokes for quite a while, so the works presented in the current exhibition follow and extend this practice further. I am especially amused to see this type of collaged, mix-and-matched visual language becoming a trend, widely employed in internet memes, but also, by famous fine arts museums in their communication with audiences.”, shares the author, also known for his tongue in cheek collages in social media.
It should be noted though, that the analogue media of the pieces from “No Reason to Leave from the Sun” gives quite a different perception from what we experience in social networks on the Internet.
The exhibition is on display from 5th to 23rd of March 2019, at the Nuance Gallery, Sofia.
“That is the second exhibition of Stanislav Belovski and we think it will be as provoking, well-attended and successful as the first one in 2017”, expects Neda Mitkovska, curator at Nuance gallery.
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Location: NUANCE Gallery - 42, Denkoglu Str., Sofia