Dada Cultural Gallery/Bar


Denise Segveld (Holland)

„Street Vinyl“

solo exhibition

05 January – 13 February 2018

Opening: January 5 th, 7 pm   Location: Dada Cultural Bar – 10 “G. Benkovski”  str., Sofia


Denise Segveld is a Sofia-based street artist from The Netherlands. Inspired by graffiti art, pop art, and pop culture, she uses spray paint, stencils and guerrilla techniques to make the world a more vibrant and colorful place. Street Vinyl perfectly describes her latest work, which is being exhibited at Dada Cultural Bar. On display are the biggest musical icons, the greatest heroes, and the most evil bad guys of our time, immortalized on vinyl LPs. The exhibition gives a glimpse of contemporary pop culture, and aims to bring back those cherished collective memories of music and movies known to us all.





Location: Dada Cultural Bar - 10 "G. Benkovski"  str., Sofia