Collaborative project – installation by

Boyana Djikova & Elenka Nana

18 – 25 April 2019

Opening: 18th April, Thursday, 19:00 часа
Gallery 2.0, “6th of September” str. 26, Sofia, Bulgaria

One of few references for the symbolism behind the word ‘knot’ is the one of the Gordian knot emphasizing the difficulty and futility of untangling it – hence referring to a needlessly tangled situation. Alexander the Great, as the legend goes, simply cut the knot. That came to mean cutting through the complicating faculty of the mind.  In addition to the Knot being a Symbol and a Metaphor of myth and legend, it is also very evident in our everyday language, behavior,
and customs. We use the term “a knotty problem” when referring to a complex, baffling, or intricate, obstacle or dilemma.  Here, the direct relation between knots and problems becomes apparent.
And although problems are associated with negative connotations, sometimes added value resurfaces. As they are starting points for the world and ourselves, the borders in which we function safely, saviours from loneliness, anchor, and a motif for motion and continuity. They are the familiar heaviness that we prefer and, eventually, love. Taste is bitter sweet.
This makes them pleasant (and also soft). The softness of problems is a membrane that protects from reality, a light bubble wrap, that preserves from a hit or landing, a homogenous mixture, jelly, in which we are in flotation without sinking.
We expose them polished in bright, alluring and exquisite colors on a white pedestal, so that we like to identify ourselves with them. They become perversely nice, our relationship with them – intimate.
This installation is constructed as an artistic gesture that serves to address a behavioral pattern we recognize in ourselves and others.
With the support of “Complex engineering”
*All of the materials used will be later used for their original purpose to prevent unnecessary waste.

Location: GALLERY 2.0 - "6th of September" str. 26, Sofia, Bulgaria