“The Magic of Krakow”

an international exhibition with authors from Poland, France, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Iraq and the United States

January 24 – February 10, 2020

Opening: January 24, 2020, 6 pm – 2, “Alfred Nobel” str, Sofia


The Magic of Krakow” is an international exhibition project featuring over 20 authors, from Poland, France, Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Canada, Iraq, USA and it will be presented at the “Mission” gallery at the invitation of the State Institute of Culture.

The curator of the exhibition Leszek Żebrowski, art manager at “Galeria Labirynt 2” Art Gallery in Krakow, shares:

Participants in the exhibition were asked to answer the question, ‘Why Krakow (as a source of inspiration for them)?’ And keeping that in mind, the results provide the artists’ replies.

The exhibition presents works indicating why Krakow, the cultural capital of Poland – is widely regarded as an object of creative inspiration. A city unmatched for its landscape, local colour, unique architecture, a city of unusual historical figures and an atmosphere so favourable for artistic creativity, a city of culture and art.

The prime purpose of the exhibition “The Magic of Krakow” was to provide artists the opportunity to express their open, interdisciplinary attitudes in appreciation of not only the significance and magnitude which this incredible city has for European culture and art, but also of Krakow’s historical, natural and architectural assets and allow artists to participate freely in a multicultural dialogue of art. The works are completed in different techniques. They represent various types and genres of fine art. The collection includes paintings made in oil or acrylic on canvas or paper, watercolors, resin and bronze sculptures, collages, art glass, digitally printed works and films / installations.

As much as possible, the exhibition is bound to travel to the artists’ places of origin and provide a spectacular depiction of Krakow, presenting the city as an important center of contemporary art”. Its history and cultural heritage leave a lasting mark on every traveller who is endowed with the sense of beauty. The exhibition results from the experience gained by the artists who have already visited or stayed in Krakow for various occasions plein air workshops, exhibitions, art residences. They are all unified by the motto of the exhibition “The Magic of Krakow.”

The project concept was created by Leszek Żebrowski, gallery manager, curator and organizer of various art projects and it is a peculiar kaleidoscope of ideas, memories and visions inspiring the artists in their encounter with the city of Krakow. The curators of the exhibition in Sofia are Tereza Jebrovska (Poland) and Nikolina Djanovska (Bulgaria).

So far, the exhibition has been shown in Poland, Italy and Slovenia, and the first presentation in Sofia will take place at the “Mission” gallery of the State Institute of Culture at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where it will be opened for visitors until 10th of February 2020. Afterwards, the exhibition will be displayed at the Art gallery of Stara Zagora and at the “Raphael Mihaylov” exposition hall in Veliko Tarnovo.

Projects partners are the Polish Institute in Sofia, the Municipality of Krakow, the Art Gallery “Labirynt 2” in Krakow, Association of Innovation Forum “Odin” – Krakow, Representation of the Union of Bulgarian Artists – Veliko Turnovo.



Location: THE MISSION Gallery - 2, "Alfred Nobel" str, Sofia