SYNTHESIS Gallery of Photography


Elaine Jeffrey

“The Times We Live In”

19. April – 15. May 2016

Opening: 19.04.2016,  7 pm – SYNTHESIS Gallery, 55 Vasil Levski Blvd, Sofia

These images belong to a large body of ongoing work. Taken from real-life situations they represent the turbulent, crazy, troubled, thank­fully often beautiful but largely unpredictable world and times we live in. The images are all created from media coverage of events that hit our daily news headlines. Although made with a digital camera there is negligible post production work involved. My choice of softer focus is made at the camera stage and is true to my preference of offering impressions and showing empathy rather than sharp-focus images deemed to show reality.

About the artist:

Elaine Jeffrey is a Scottish artist currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Jeffrey grew up in the west coast of Scotland in a family where artistic exchange was part of the family make-up. In the early 80’s, traveling in America, Jeffrey started to document her new home with a borrowed camera. Photography quickly became her method for portraying and exploring both her environment and emotional expression. On returning to Scotland Jeffrey studied Photographic Art in Edinburgh Napier University where she gained her Bachelor of Arts. She exhibits in solo and group exhibitions and her works are in many private collections in Europe and America.

Location: SYNTHESIS Gallery - 55 Vasil Levski Blvd, Sofia