Raiko Alexiev Hall, Union of Bulgarian Artists


This is it

an artistic project about the lack of a universal model

Dr. Gatev

February 25 – March 07, 2020

This is it is made of couple installations and an animated photography that function as a work together and bring up to a debate topics at the heart of the interaction between society and art.


The project comments on the replacement of:

  • What is missing with the missing,
  • the cavalette with the whimsy,
  • cold light with warm light,
  • the spiritual, its value replaced, the sacred – replaced,
  • the choice between each and other,
  • replaced by the choice between one and the same one packaged, with no alternative, but also without the senses to search for a real choice, а difference.


At one stage of the development of Western civilization art falls from the temple directly to the palace. From function and factor within the culture of spirit, it is put into the service of the quotidian culture of basic life. Thus, not only its theme, plot and poetics change, the modality of perception and attitude changes. Because of that the replacement began, inevitably becoming a major hath in the history of the West. This is, presumably why, Europe as a cultural project has gone barren and hollow. The historical process of the replacement vows this civilization the lack of a vision, a consistent model because of the absence of the person within. European culture, Western art is crowded with images and reflections, projections, shadows and manifestations, but the human as a carrier of value, of the spiritual has gone. The center is no longer there.

Among the mantras of the ordinary sunken person of the last cycles of history was born the liberal carelessness. A relieve from conscience, a release of guilt, took the main roles. As in a therapeutic session at the macro level, the images drew Europe away from her nightmares, at the same time, curing her, drew her away from role, responsibility, accountability.

Here we again are putting an inapropriate question: where in culture is art? What kind of visual problems do you solve, after you cannot solve others? Can everything be true and there is no alternative, liberal “Yes = no”. Can there be no alternative to the value, the verification? Everything (“Yes = no”) is allowed, is OK, goes on, could pass, passes, why? Can anything meaningful be resolved or answered thought the visible?

Dr.Gatev / Y. Panchev

Dr. Galentin Gatev, born 1960 in Bulgaria is a MD, specializing in dermoveneorology and oncodermatology. He’s been a collector and an author since the early nineties. From 1996 he is featured in international art forums, among which Manifesta 2 (Luxembourg, 1998), SITE Santa Fe (USA, 1999), Documenta USA, inaugural show of the MONA in Detroit (2001), shows at IFA-Berlin and Kunstlerwerkstatt, Munich (Germany) and other. Since 2010 he begins to create large scale solo projects in various spaces in Sofia. His show “By All Means Spice It Up” (2010) in Credo Bonum was curated and extensively monographed by Ruen Ruenov in a catalogue presenting most of his work. “The Other Aroma” (2010) was displayed in the National Art Gallery, “The Paintings Are To Be Put On The Walls” and “You Hear What You See” was curated by Prof. Pmoukchiev, at Academia Gallery of the National Art Academy in 2012. His next publicly presented projects were “Sporadic Biphocality” at Sofia Arsenal Museum for Contemporary Art and “Noli me tangere” from 2013, “Doll-Uniform” – at Credo Bonum in 2016 and “WARTEN AUF DIE EINS” at Goethe Institut – Sofia, all curated by Yovo Panchev.

Location: Raiko Alexiev Hall - 125, Georgi S. Rakovski Str., Sofia