virtual exhibition

State Cultural Institute under the Minister of Foreign Affairs

April 29 – May 29, 2020


In the days after Easter, our gaze at the future seems to search and wait more intently for answers to the difficult questions about our being, about human trials, but at the same time, with the hope of good and graceful deeds. Contemplation and humility are the necessary refuges for humanity these days in order to exist and to live fully and in harmony.
In 2020 the State Cultural Institute to the Minister of Foreign Affairs is celebrating its 15 years anniversary, and on this occasion we invite you to a meeting with the exhibition UPGRADING through the first collective online artist-presentation at the Mission Gallery. We have selected and included the latest works of art, submitted to the Art Fund at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. These are works from exhibitions realized in recent years, donated/purchased works and restored paintings.
The exhibition includes lithographs, graphics, collage and mixed media, photographic prints, oil and watercolors and in it can be seen works by contemporary Bulgarian artists, including Ivan Ninov, Assen Milanov, Vikenti Komitski, Elena Panayotova, Georgi Trifonov, Vasil Ivanoff, Sylvia Artamontseva, experimental photography by Nikola Bumbalov-Nedich, as well as the unique work of contemporary Japanese artist Haruko Cho and the oil painting of the Bulgarian-born artist and teacher living in Chicago, Prof. Vasilen Vasevski, which was donated to the Art Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria in the fall of 2019.
The future may hold surprises, but it can also be a challenge that provokes creativity and new ideas. We offer you a variety of perspectives on contemporary and classical Bulgarian art through the first online exhibition at the Mission Gallery.




Location: THE MISSION Gallery