CO-OP Gallery


Alberto Gandolfo



photographic exhibition

06 June – 07 July 2019


The Italian photographer presents a photobook and 11 news stories with portraits of people who were in the news as victims or relatives of victims. Topics include home violence, the Mafia, corruption, medical errors, judicial malpractice, etc.

What Remains is a photographic investigation that started in January 2017. It moves from the news that has already run its course on Italian media to ongoing events; everything is collected and presented in the form of images to create a living testimony to the friends and families of the victims of these tragic episodes, people who have been forced to wage long battles in the name of truth. These people and their stories are not always known to the audience at large.

The project consists of portraits of people and places related to stories that made their way into the news. When Alberto Gandolfo meets those people to take their pictures, new details emerge to serve as a visual link between what happened and the present moment, with the author using a certain kind of backdrop or a landscape in an attempt to recount the events as if they are happening now.

Overcoming their personal grief, the subjects of those portraits have all carried the burden of searching for justice. This unexpected burden that has fallen upon them is the reason for constant reactions that have a strong impact on society. Very often these stories are not widely known. The author makes them visible, thereby informing the community and stimulating the social consciousness needed to make change happen.

Home violence, the Mafia, corruption, incompetent health services, legal paradoxes – these are the important issues Gandolfo considers worth fighting for. The author believes that showing the faces of those who remain with us is the way to inform people and trigger actions that would quietly set the change in motion.

Location: CO-OP Gallery - 17 YANKO SAKUZOV BLVD, Sofia