The Aeon of the Postartist

23 October – 6 November 2018


No matter how it is called, and what is the exact date of its origin, the current 2000-year period is defined as time of self-realization and the growing interest in everything spiritual. An era in which ancient secrets will be revealed to mankind, and it will understand the laws of the Universe. One will remember the real reason for his existence.

There are many things that activate these processes, but the role of a major catalyst will be taken over by art. With its ability to penetrate into the deepest levels of the subconscious, the symbolic language of art assists the natural pursuit of man to seek the emanations of the unknowable, to broaden his gaze as he turns more inward rather than outward, and thus notices the signs directing him to the Truth. The Artist of the New Era (the Postartist) is the one who will advance the spiritual improvement of man, helping to form his new consciousness and recalling his divine essence.

Driven by my belief in the spiritual power of art and inspired by various esoteric directions, in my current project I develop the idea of   the Messianic figure of the Postarist. I create the image of the sacred postartist child and adapt to my mythology the concepts and postulates of alchemy, magic, Rosicrucianism and Thelema. I turn it into a symbol of the New Epoch, characterized by the discovery of the True Will of the individual and its realization, the acceptance of life and death as two separate phases of existence, the reconciliation of opposites, the understanding that love is the driving force in the Universe and the awareness, that God is not an external factor but is in each of us.

Around the Postartist I construct the (semi)imaginary Order of the Black Tear – a secret society based on ancient knowledge and preaching the mystical power of art.

Yavor Boyanov




Location: RAKURSI Gallery - 4A, Han Krum Street, Sofia