Activities of the Academia gallery are logically related to the process of education in the National Academy of Art, while its exhibition policy is an integral and important part of the artistic life of the city. It is space for students, lecturers, artists from Bulgaria and abroad, curatorial projects festivals, biennials and conferences are conducted here. These are exhibitions of master’s degree students from the two faculties of various disciplines from the Academy, as well as exhibitions and workshops related to national and international projects. The gallery displays exhibitions of lecturers and students of international art academies, as well as established and hottest names in Bulgarian and world art. On a regular basis there are exhibited various collections from the rich museum fund of the Academy. Some of the important cultural highlights that took place in the gallery in the past year were the International Student’s First Biennial of Drawing, the International Digital Arts Festival DA Fest, the exhibition for the Museum Awards ESSL, Austria, curatorial project “Toys” by Prof. Bozidar Boyadziev, the flashback “Dozen”  of Poster and Visual Communication Dept. and others. Events with great resonance in the artistic life were the solo exhibitions of Professors Andrey Daniel, Hristo Staykov, Victor Paunov, Rumen Skorchev and Todor Vardzhiev. From the foreign program of the gallery can be noted the magnificent photos of Nelly (from the collection of the Benaki Museum, Greece), the classic of modern Algerian painting, Mohammed Cada, the contemporary French photographers Franz Aabaa and Bernard Kose and others. Thus, the current mission of the gallery is to be a bridge between the art of the past and the often complex and contradictory present.

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1 Shipka Street, Sofia


42.69473504655998, 23.334001038623


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* Enter from the garden to the National Assembly.

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