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ARTUR Gallery | Sofia Art Galleries :: Галерии в София

Address & Contact


36 Tsanko Tserkovski Street, Sofia


42.681609, 23.331945


Artur Gallery was established on November 20, 2009 in Sofia. It is situated on “Journalist” square, Tsanko Tserkovski Str. No 36, on the ground floor of an old renovated building. It was created in order to expand the functions of the company BIAS-M (Bureau for Engineering and Architectural Structures – Manev) in the field of art. The main focus of the gallery is to present contemporary Bulgarian art. It works with both well-known artists and young authors who are looking for a chance to show their talent. The goal of “Artur” in a long term perspective is to become a small art center combining different fields: literature, music and acting. Yet the main function would still be presenting painters from different generations with different styles. The gallery is designed to show and make the valuable contemporary art more popular.

Opening Hours


11-14 / 16-19 h


11-14 / 16-19 h


11-14 / 16-19 h


11-14 / 16-19 h


11-14 / 16-19 h



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